"To the fatty running on the Westview track this afternoon:

You, whose feet barely lift off the ground as you trudge around the track.
You, who keeps to the outside lane, footslogging in the wrong direction.
You, who stops for water breaks every lap, and who would probably stop twice a lap if there were bleachers on both sides. You whose gaze drops to your feet every time we pass. You, whose sweat drenches your body after you leave, completing only a single, 20-minute mile.

There’s something you should know: You fucking rock.

Every shallow step you take, you carry the weight of more than two of me, clinging to your bones, begging to be shaken off. Each lap you run, you’re paying off the debt of another midnight snack, another desser, another beer.. It’s 20 degrees outside, but you haven’t let that stop your regimen. This isn’t your first day out here, and it certainly won’t be your last. You’ve started a journey that lasts a lifetime, and you’ve started it at least 12 days before your New Year’s resolution kicks in. You run without music, and I can only imagine the mantras running through your mind as you heave your ever-shrinking mass around the next lap. Let’s go, feet. Shut up, legs. F**k off, fat. If you’d only look up from your feet the next time we pass, you’d see my gaze has no condescension in it.
I have nothing but respect for you. You’ve got this.”

My Response

To me, this is not motivating or respectful at all. They’ve acknowledged and rhymed off reasons why this fat person is either not running “properly” or “unattractively”. It’s patronizing.

I think that “non-fat” people look at fat people and think, “that’s what I would look like if I just gave up on life” or something along those lines. Well maybe some people gave up and that appears on them physically but that’s not everyone’s story. We don’t all have will power dragging in the dirt. Everyone has a story and I think that this author should stop using other people’s trials and tribulations to, for lack of a better phrase, “showing off” (was originally posted on fb, and therefore to all the people that know them) and saying that they don’t think that they are judging…but they are.

"Shaming a stranger and calling it motivation is not only rude and inappropriate, it’s counterproductive," says Yvonne Thomas, PhD, a Los Angeles-based psychologist specializing in self-esteem. Most of us don’t feel inspired by negative comments—instead, we’re inspired by positive words and praise that aren’t sugar-coated insults, says Thomas.

That is their life and their presence in the world so whether they are on a treadmill or in line at the pizza place, you don’t know their story so don’t tell it for them.

Frankly, no one wants to be “gazed” at unless it is with affection from someone you know and love. I have recently started going to the gym for the basic reason of health. I don’t want to yo-yo diet and lose 50lbs in 3 months, I just want to stay consistent and see things change over time. I know that people may look at me and tell themselves some story in their head but I don’t mind (it’s all subjective)…I just know that others will if they continue to read things like this, they will be deterred, so the intention of motivation is lost.

I put kale in my smoothies.
I like bread, cheese and pasta.
I grew up in a family of jocks and played soccer every summer for 7 years even though the team shorts never fit, even the youth XL, and I had to go and buy my own.
I have amazing sex.

Everyone has a story, let them tell their own.

I found this just as I was finishing my blurb…the apparent response from the “fatty” runner to that original fb post:

"To the man who judged me on the Westview track,

I see that you wrote a Facebook status about my journey and me. It described me on the track and from what I gather it was supposed to inspire after a little insult. It went viral.

So let me tell you what I think of your post…

Some people just like running. And it’s nobody’s business why.

First off I would suggest you not judge me at all. You have my journey all messed up. My journey did not start twelve days ago. It started over a year ago. You see me at 300 pounds but what you do not know is I was over 400 pounds.

You did not know this because I was embarrassed to run in front of other people. So I would come to this track when no one else was around. Sometimes I would go for a couple of minutes. Sometimes I would go for four minutes.

It all started when I went for 48 seconds my first time running. Yes, I timed it. Yes I was upset. And yes, I promised it would never happen again.

When I was over 400 pounds and decided to make the commitment to change my life I would wake up and look in the mirror. I would find at least 100 negative things about my body. All the descriptions you made about me…I was even harder on myself.

Then after losing a few pounds I looked in the mirror again. I did not look at my body. I looked in my eyes. I saw determination and character. I saw a man who did not want to be an inspiration for others but one for himself. I was that man.

Your whole post insults me like no end. I do not eat midnight snacks or drink beer. You probably think all “fat” people do this. Well, we do not. I ate better than most at 300 pounds. In fact, I have not had a drink in well over 20 years.

I look down because I see you stare at me all the time. I do not want to give you the satisfaction of looking into my eyes. There are people who were supporting me all along. Not people who made up fictional parts of my life.

I also do not listen to music because I hear everything. I hear the laughter and I hear the snickers. They are never about me except they always are. I have been overweight my whole life. I have not had my blinders on for some time.

There are no mantras going through my head. When I run it is clear. I have no anger or happiness. I am there to complete a task. I am good at that.

You fooled people on Facebook but you have not fooled me. You do not have respect for my journey because you do not know it. I have told my story to thousands of people. I have been told that I have inspired many as well. Not because of the way I run but because of the person I am. Not because of my 200 pound weight loss but because of the words that I have had inside for years.

Many of us have been that person being judged and then twirled into some weird inspirational story. I was judged at the gym at 400 pounds. I was laughed at in Panera at 350 pounds. I was embarrassed at 300 pounds and honestly I was the same person at 195 pounds as I was at 420 pounds.

I tell people now that weight loss should not make you love yourself more. That is the mistake I made.

So next time you look at me on that track do yourself a favor. Look away. I do not look like I once did. I do not want to be your inspiration or your motivation.

I am a runner. I was a runner at 420 pounds and I am a runner today.

And runners do one thing.

They run. Not write about other runners.


Tony Posnanski”

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This map should be included in every history book.

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From the Blog Shapely Prose: "Don't You Realize Fat Is Unhealthy?"

"Here’€™s the thing: I blog about fat acceptance. Fat acceptance, as you can probably guess from the words fat and €œacceptance€ being right together like that, does not go over so well in some circl…


"If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!” - RuPaul

1) Self-pity

If you are feeling you are not worthy of being in a loving relationship and if you are not going to be, “his/her loss” when someone rejects you, don’t start creating an online profile or dating. If you can’t see yourself positively, no one is going to and you probably have things you need to sort through and I am sorry, but that is pretty much all on you and your loyal friends. Someone who doesn’t know you yet is not going to remind you that you are amazing because it is JUST that…they don’t know you! And they can’t tell you you’re amazing with true validation because they don’t KNOW you. 

Bring the best you to the table! Dating is fun, exciting, adventurous and lighthearted to start with. If someone immediately has to soothe, console and reassure you of things, I am betting that they won’t stick around! Confidence is VERY important and you don’t want someone to date you just because they actually pity you and don’t think you can handle the rejection!

2) Desperation

Really all 4 of these things go hand-in-hand and I have seen way to many people online that are willing to basically commit to something long term with ALMOST anyone with two feet and a heartbeat! I have had men online, message me interested in jumping into a serious commitment before even meeting face-to-face. Or we do meet face-to-face (I tend to do this sooner than later) and it is like they’ve had an idealized date in their head and your answers aren’t on queue. Don’t you want to be with someone compatible? You’re ideals can be round pegs and you’re trying to shove a square peg in there whereas I believe you should develop something with that other person that works for the both of you and that happens when you take time, date, learn about each other, have amazing sex and then make a decision that you are compatible and in love. 
The immediate jumpintosomethingserious might work for some but for the most part, you will just end up disappointed, frustrated and think there’s no one out there for you and there is, just don’t rush it! Take your time and have fun on the journey; meeting new people, doing dates in different parts of the city you haven’t seen before etc. 

3) Baggage

OMG, deal with your own stuff before bringing it to others that you want to be into you! People you know, they love you and they help you deal with this, OR love yourself enough and sort through and deal with it toute seule. This is much better than bringing it to someone else you are into, and laying it all out there before the first few dates are over. This ties in with both of the things above.It is TOXIC to a new “blossoming” love, or to any sort of inkling of love (or lust), and you end up having these expectations and generalizations of those you are trying to start anew with because it happened before. It shuts people out and puts up walls and you just need to deal with it first before jumping into dating game again! This doesn’t mean it’s all gonna go away, but deal with it privately, with friends or at least wait until you’re TOGETHER-together to reveal it all. 

4) Weird Expectations

Obviously you have standards, or at least I hope you would, for who you would date and that is actually all part of self respect when dating; you know your limits and boundaries and have a general idea of what you are looking for, but don’t jump into a crazy mental check list of expectations or list them off for someone (if they don’t meet basic standards, it’s understandable) you plan on dating.
Let things evolve naturally and 
you’ll both be that much happier in the end. You may think you are wasting time by not ensuring every date gets all 50 checks on your list of requirements but let yourself be surprised by who you are into, evolve, make mistakes and also learn about yourself and maybe learn what your thresholds are ie. one thing that one person does may seem HORRIBLE but if “the Person” you are really into, does the same thing, it might not be so bad because they bring so many other amazing things to the table. 

This man is the sexiest man alive! Seriously!

This man is the sexiest man alive! Seriously!

Photo Set

Man, this is getting talked about and is dire and serious…it is so GROSS how the media has positioned a lot of this and also how a lot of the community in Stubenville were so defensive about these kids getting punished for these criminal acts! The need to learn this is so incredibly wrong and not just wrong if you get caught! The 1 and 2 year sentences are not ENOUGH! Do not celebrate that! 

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